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Extraction presents the idea that thieves can now infiltrate the mind and steal the most precious of possessions, intellectual property. Inception, on the other hand, is the implanting of an idea, that is, to change how a person thinks and, in consequence, what he is. The movie centers around Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio), an Extractor, who has spent his life stealing ideas for corporate giants. When presented a proposal of Inception so that he may reclaim what was lost to him, he jumps on the opportunity. If it seems I’m being vague, it’s because I have to. Such movies have to be watched, and any synopsis only comes to spoil the experience. Think of this movie as Oceans Eleven, with more mind fuckery.

Christopher Nolan shows his true genius in this film. A combination of thriller, drama and enough action to keep the mainstream viewer interested, it carries enough weight to feel greater than a summer blockbuster. Dicaprio’s co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page play convincing team members of this group of thieves as the experienced old-hand and new yet crucial Architect. Again I feel inclined not to divulge further, but as the movie progresses, you feel deeply for both the protagonist and antagonist’s plight, especially Cillian Murphy’s considering his role in the film. Yet, if there is to be any criticism, it is that apart from Cobb and Fischer, the other characters have little to no character development, appearing simply as “the guy who can do this thing” and never improving or developing from that. You could argue that in such films it is not necessary, but I can’t help but feel that if some additional backstory was delved into, the mandatory kissing scene would seem less random, though undeniably cute.

My rating? Critical hit, a must watch in a theatere. You shouldn’t miss it.


Posted on: July 19, 2010

i find myself looking at my blog again, wondering what i’m doing with my life. sometimes its hard for me to chronicle my lifestory, as i tend to self censor (orly) and am quite a man who keeps secrets to himself. sure you may find me talking a lot to you (people in general), divulging what seems to be everything i know. i speak what is on my mind, but never wear my heart on my sleeves. (sleeves are long and hot)

its been a year since i’ve last entered anything onto the digital transcript, holding comments to myself, using facebook only to keep up with information rather than use it as a social tool (for i am antisocial at times haha). maintaining appearances is tiring. yet today i feel that i want to write something down, but i cannot bring myself to write it. i can only apologise for the cryptology i’m using, but i am in a way, lost at a crossroad once again. and i see some venues depart from my grasp. perhaps one day they will open again, but i can only stop myself from wondering what if. i regret nothing i’ve done. any leap of faith i have jumped in my life has tended to miss any nets, nor have found any reward to my risks. i watch as others prosper on a dare, as i can only continue to wish them well, hiding behind a wall of ones and zeroes, and the smiling mask of a clown’s illusion.

perhaps i’ll continue updating my blog, perhaps i will not. like the wind i follow only whims and impulses, and few things i have set out to do i continue for long. maybe ill do some game/ movie reviews, those are fun.

so, here’s the update of my life, all none of you so interested. Started playing MTG again. never thought i’d walk down this road again. i’d better get a job after NS. need to learn driving. many people are assholes. my life is a constant repeating failure of attempts. perhaps ill start bicycling. ord in a few months thats great. the score so far on my love life is well… depressing. maybe the only way ill have a gf is hoping i get hit on by gold diggers HAHA thats a laugh.

so i sez to the poet hey wassup. and he will wax lyrical about my poor grammar. which makes no sense. what the heck is wax lyrical? do i make sense? probably not.

random thought i had before deciding to update this sad thing i call a blog. odd no? dont worry, it has no grasp in reality.

so i is having my mid-bmt break right now, so kinda slacking around, but i gotta head back saturday night for regimental. guh. see army screeny guys? i have said nothing.

last sat and sun i went to the it show. the one with all the people at suntec? yea it was pretty fun. but there’s a whole world of difference between going with a friend and with your family. one example would be the budget. saturday i could only spend my money. sunday i was spending my dads monies :D though i had to pay him back cos we co-paid on a laptop, but it was worth it. Asus W90 :D won’t be here till a month so i gotta wait, but i have time to kill. also, since i went with a friend i have not met in a long time (a.k.a my neighbour), i really learnt a few things about her.

1. she eats really slow. i kid you not. like teeny tiny bites.
2. music makes her sleep in 5 seconds. again not an exaggeration. got on the bus on the way home, she plugged in, i look out the window, i look back she’s all zzzz.
3. we all look weird in our secondary school ezlink.

so tmr im going to watch The Tale of Desperaux. I think thats how its spelt not sure. should be quite good. >_< 3 more months of pain.

H1 Project WorkA
H1 General Paper – B
H1 Chemistry – C
H1 Chinese – E
H2 Physics – A
H2 Mathematics – C
H2 Economics – C

2As, 1B, 3Cs and 1E. I’m super disappointed with myself. My parents aren’t too happy about it either. They say I should have tried harder. Well it’s too late now isn’t it. Stuck with such a weird score for my life now. Hopefully I can get a place in a local university, then this blotch can be hidden under another sheet of paper. I am saddened by the fact that some of my friends have not achieved good scores as well. Hope you guys can find a spot in university. For now I just have to be contented that I can’t disrupt my NS even if I tried. 3 more months till POP by the way, and I’ll be able to book out in civilian.

Got to see how everyone’s been doing since I enlisted. Lots of hairless guys, but and equal amount of long haired guys as well. Sucks, it constantly reminds me that I have a longer BMT than them. Verrell doesn’t look at all like what a commando should be, Roxanne got the weirdest punk haircut. Samson has a heck a lotta hair. Sheedy’s in CD. Shahrul’s still Shahrul. Too many people to list.

I want to watch the Watchmen tomorrow, but I’ve been reading reviews about it saying that it sticks too close to the source material. There’s really no satisfying true supporters of the graphic novel I guess. Speaking as one of them, I can’t really say till I’ve actually seen the movie for myself. Then maybe I can find out how to pronounce Roscrasch.

Indeed my tone is more formal this post. I have no reason why.

Okay I haven’t updated for a while for a really good reason. I’ve been really lazy. Haha. No actually because army life is like a secret thingy, I can’t really blog about it or else I’ll get charged. And last week I was confined :P So when you only have one day to enjoy your weekend, you really don’t blog anything haha.

Birthday was spent in camp XD Got a few happy birthdays here and there, and I successfully evaded a blanket party :D

Valentine’s day is much depressing. Spent it alone. With the exception of dinner, which I spent with my family and some other people too. My cousin Jeremy was with his girlfriend. >_< I has none.

Actually I wanted to confess my feelings to someone, but then I changed my mind. The mood just didn’t feel right, and I don’t want to destroy the current way things are going. Being friends who are willing to be open to each other about almost anything. But she doesn’t like valentine’s day. Too depressing/ too many memories. I’ll have to save it for another time.



Been a while since I updated my blog, and for good reason. Apparently it is against some sort of military law to post about things that happen inside camp, so hush hush I can’t talk about my training. However, if you really are curious as to what I’ve been doing for the past month or so, just ask to meet up. We can catch up, and who knows. Something might slip out huh? All of which I could strongly deny ever happening. Blogging is dangerous. There are people out there being paid to do nothing but check whether people have been talking bad about them. Cool right.

Another reason for posting is that I just watched Red Cliff 2. Conclusion: Watch it. It’s worth your two hours. Some special effects used border on cheesy, but the script is well written, the cinematography well choreographed, and the fight scenes are pure adrenaline. Just don’t expect anything to really happen until the last half an hour. Most of it is tension and character building, but it never gets boring, as each scene serves an eventual purpose. 4/5

Yup, enlisted, and this weekend is my first bookout. Luckily for me, my confinement period overlaps the holiday period, so I get to go out during the confinment period. The next time you’ll see me on the mainland it’ll be christmas, but hey, at least I’ll have lost heckalotta weight. If you need to contact me just message, but I’ll only be able to reply at night :D Anyway, I suppose some of you would be wondering what exactly I’ve been doing since Wednesday. I’ll put it honestly.


Seriously, obese company BMT has been damn slack. And to top it off, since I’ve been transferred to another company, it means I won’t be doing any actual exercise for quite a while. (I’m in COY E if you’re wondering). Also, due to all the accidents that have happened in the SAF recently, many safety features have been put into place, and as a result, those who got transferred have been forbidden to do any exercise! Seriously! Until we clear the admin work (which will probably be next week), we aren’t allowed to join in on the exercises at all. >_< What a waste of time.

Alright, I’ll just summarise the days as much as I remember.

Wed: Enlistment date. Went to Tekong with parents and brother because sis got exam. Introduced to A CoY and did lots of admin, like getting all the barang like field pack, duffel pack, clothes yada yada. Lights out was bad, my designated bunk was near the window, which had a street lamp nearby, so I don’t I slept very early, but couldn’t tell, since I couldn’t see the clock.

Thurs: Lots of lectures, first water parade. Half water bottle drink up! Too much water. Actually, food portions here are much more than I eat at home, so I don’t even finish the stuff. Really sucky, cos I see all my platoon mates chugging down the food. Guess I’m one of the eat little, do even less kind of obese. Sleep was better this time around.

Fri: Rumors of platoon being transferred to E CoY abound, lots of admin time to sit around doing nothing. Genius bunkmate decides its fun to mess around with those who fell asleep. It is. Permission to sleep sir! Priceless. More admin. Discovered that a woman on camp drives entire companies insane. *sigh* Why people so despo?

Sat: Book out early because officially in E CoY now. Smart 4 a bitch. Realises that my cuss rate has quintupled since I entered.

I’m possibly missing more details, but heck, I don’t really care. Gotta get to Pasir Ris Terminal by 2045 tmr, and I think I’m falling sick. >_< Maybe I can get a later book in =D See how I’m feeling tomorrow.

This blog will be silent till christmas. Again, if you need to contact me, or just feel like talking, message me. You probably have my number. Peace out.


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